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Frontosaur is a tool for easy collaboration on websites.
Add comments directly on the live interface.
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With Frontosaur

Create projects 1

Add pages to projects. All page types are supported, whether they are on your local server or on the Internet.

Invite colleagues 2

Add teammates and clients to projects by email or copy invitation link and work together

Collaborate 3

Set addressed tasks with @mentions, attach images to tasks, and discuss them in comments.
No more specifying questions: browser version and screen size is already there.


Export tasks from Frontosaur to your favourite project management services: Jira, Asana
Trello (coming soon) and more to come!

Our features

Works on every website
It doesn't matter whether the website is local, global or has limited IP access. If it opens in your browser - work on it with Frontosaur
Works on every screen
Comments are attached to elements on the page and look the same on every screen
Real time changes
Collaborate in real time and see changes immediately


How long have I dreamed about such an application! Thank you, it saved a lot of nerve cells during the development of websites! Sometimes customers even do not know how to make screenshots and try to say edits by phone
Amazingly simple and convenient
Thank you!
Thank you for the product you created. Very cool stuff. As a project manager, I especially share the pain with edits and gigabytes of screenshots
Nice product!
I've been using it for several months and it's really handy for an IT company. Now we don't send screenshots to each other and fix the website way faster! Thanks!!!

Meet the Team

Natalia Pestova
Yuri Klimenko
Nikita Mamizerov
Lead Developer

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